Examples of Impact

# Scholarships = 1

# Grants = 14

# Loans = 190 (read more)

# Social-Impact Bonds = 0

GTP has awarded many grants worldwide, each limited to $500.



Meg Young - Rendevous Haiti
Garden supplies for a local NGO to educate youth on sustainable farming.

CPSD - Soccer Equipment
Soccer equipment for a sports NGO.

Let's Play International - Printing
Training Material for Coaches of Football Camp


Grant for launching the MICS surveys

USA - Louisiana
Boys Hope Girls Hope Baton Rouge
Grant raised by the water polo team at LSU with a mentorship day.

USA - Tennessee
Educational event in Knoxville, TN, to expose college athletes from LSU and Alabama to the sport of "Goal Ball", a sport in the Special Olympics for the blind and visually-impaired.

USA - Louisiana
Shane Schubbe ($210)
Competition fees and medical testing for Shane, a MMA fighter fighting in the name of LGBT rights.

USA - Louisiana
Education for Living ($450)
Educational grant for a financially disadvantaged minor to attend EFL's Youth Program, a non-denominational program designed for people to find peace and purpose in life.

Kiva ($1,000)
Funding for Kiva's loan program. Funds will eventually be donated to Kiva but used repeatedly as loans for athlete entrepreneurs.

Human Rights Campaign ($25)
Advocacy organization for human right and LGTB rights event.


USA - Louisiana
Ronald McDonald House
Event for underprivileged youth the experience pedicabs in New Orleans. Included reading of newly published Children's Book by author and donation of tickets to the aquarium by the Audubon Institute.

USA - Louisiana
Event sponsored by the pedicab community.

USA - Texas
It was announced that Board Member Armstrong was to be removed from position due to performance-enhancing drugs used in competition. Grant was for the purpose of demonstrating GTP's non-discrimination policy including not discriminating on the basis of philanthropic interests that may compete with others within GTP's philanthropic platform.

USA - Louisiana
Activity for pedicabbers to read children's books to underprivileged youth.

In 2014, GTP administered it's first, and currently only, scholarship. It was for $5,000, half to each gender. We had many applicants, 8 female finalists, and 4 male finalists. The winners were Jodi DeJohn of Georgetown College and Kulimushi Barongozi of Dickinson College. The winners were chosen by GTP's Board of Trustees at the time.