About US

Global Team Players Foundation ("GTP") is a public foundation for athletic, professional, and social development. We achieve the goals of our mission by coordinating scholarships, grants, loans, and social-impact bonds for athletes who volunteer in the community and for non-profits and NGO's who involve athletes in their programs.

GTP was founded in 2011 by Russell Bernstein, a former professional water polo player. It was originally intended to be a job search website for athletes, but then it turned into a philanthropically-focused endeavor because the Bernstein saw that the opportunity for impact needed to be much younger, at an age where many athletes, especially in comparison to non-athletes, lacked the time and or resources to find part-time jobs aligned with their career goals. Knowing the natural leadership roles that athletes were in due to their involvement in sports, Bernstein knew there was also a tremendous opportunity for athletes to have a big impact not only on their own lives but also on the lives of others.

Bernstein traveled the USA attending job fairs, hosting volunteer events, and recruiting people to support the endeavor. Bernstein quickly realized that a scaleable model would need to be developed. Russell chose to formally incorporate NY area to be close to the United Nations and to be close to a financial hub of philanthropic activity and education.

Bernstein spent 6 months in NY learning about grant writing and non-profit management at the Foundation Center. GTP slowly molded into what it is today with a scaleable model focused on 4 core programs, scholarships, grants, loans, and social-impact bonds. 

Over the next few years, GTP coordinated it's first and only scholarship competition leveraging its impact via social media. It also participated in grants with 14 different organizations and projects around the world, on 4 different continents. It's micro-loan program is, by far, the most successful with nearly 200 loans made to almost as many borrowers with only $1,000 of funds loaned repeatedly for a total of $5,000 loaned.

Life got in the way a few years ago, so the website lost traction and now needs to be redeveloped from scratch. But the way moving forward is clear. Recruiting people to perform work for the organization will be the core focus of the administrative staff whereas before it was merely experimenting with the model and testing it on the community.

GTP's budgeting is intended to be aligned with Charity Navigator's 4-Star rated criteria for Financial Health with more than 72.5% being spent on programs, less than 20% on fundraising, and less than 7.5% on administration. In order to be a 4-Star rated organization, however, GTP also needs to adhere to guidelines for Administrative oversight, so experienced non-profit Trustees are encouraged to apply with a minimum commitment of 2 years of meeting once every 3 months.